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Question: I like watching the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts (Cage Fighting) but don’t like getting hit, is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for me?

Answer: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is ideal for you as you can; experience the ground elements of cage fighting, without the striking, punching or kicking. In BJJ you can focus on learning technique and developing submission skills in a safe environment.

Question: Am I fit enough to do BJJ?

Answer: BJJ allows you to increase the intensity of the training as your fitness develops. In our no ego classes, we will support you to achieve your fitness goals without bullying you into pushing yourself too far, or mock you for pacing yourself. We aim to take you all the way from white to black belt, and we understand everyone does this at their own pace.


Question: Is it safe?

Answer: Safety is our number 1 priority. We ensure that the environment is safe for you to train in and make sure that everyone, students and instructors, respect one another. As with all new physical exercises check with your physician or doctor first.


Question: How will I remember and learn all the techniques?

Answer: Your development is one of our top priorities – if needed one of our Instructors can work one on one with you to answer your questions.


Question: Do I need to compete in competitions to progress and achieve the higher belts?

Answer: No, we will fully support you if you decide to compete, but it is not required.


Question: Do you spar in classes?

Answer: Yes, there is optional sparring at the end of every class where you can practice the techniques we teach you.

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